Since the Halloween is nearly coming, kids, teens and a few young at heart are surely planning for the decorations and treats that they will prepare for the season. Well then, allow me to provide you a few trick or treat recycling projects that you'll surely have fun doing in your preparation for the coming Halloween.

Everyone has been used to the pumpkin shape jack o lanterns, some are even buying in malls and everywhere for the decors that they'll use for this once a year trick or treat season. But do you know that we can create our own jack o lanterns using empty paint cans, milk cans, and whatever cans you have there, we can make a more exciting, more unique, more customizable jack o lantern decorations for the Halloween season.

To start on our fun recycling activity, you need to collect all these materials including: a few empty paint cans on various sizes, or you can also use other metal cans whichever you want, paints (color depends on you, it may either be black or orange), nails and hammers, pen markers, and utility snips for metal.

First you have to draw the face on your can, use the markers to do it, once your done designing the face, get the nail and hammer to make a starting hole in each section that you need to cut out. Once you have a starting hole (be careful hammering the can as it may may have the tendency to cave with too much pressure so be gentle)  use the utility snips, i suggest to use the smaller metal snips which works best on cutting the rest. Follow the line of your drawing, i suggest you start with simple shapes as they're easier to start with. Don't forget to wear safety hand gloves, cause metals edges are sharp and you might get hurt, you can ask some old guys to do the part of cutting. Once you're done with all the cutting, get your paint brush and start the painting, you create plain black, plain orange or a combination of both, then let them dry over the night.

This fun project will last for several years, just given proper caring, keep it on your storage rooms once the season has ended, so you can still use it for the next years. Cans may get rusty, but believe me it will add nicer effects to your recycled paint can jack o lanterns. Light them up on the Halloween with tea light inside the cans, or you can use small candles that'll flicker during the night and enjoy your trick or treat. Have fun creating lots of recycling activities with your kids, and teach them the benefits and advantages of what recycling can do. Just like using eco-friendly toner cartridges for your printers, that helps you make greener printing practices. These remanufactured toner cartridges does not only serve as cost effective alternatives, it also help save the environment.


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