Since Microsoft released their newest OS the windows 8, most PC users are upgrading and switching to what is in trends or what is latest. It's quite normal besides who would want to be left behind by the hype, unless you've pack your personal computer with lots of stuffs, files and documents that you don't have enough of the time creating back ups. Or let's say you're the type of guy who can't easily let go of the stuffs and memories, then I guess it'll be a bit hard for you to step forward and upgrade your printer. But for geeks who have dedicated their lives on living in the most updated and most recent trend in technology, having the latest is simply just an achievement.

If you're familiar to upgrading then you might also know that switching to a higher version means that you also need to remove what's not appropriate and replace it with the one that's compatible to your new OS. But replacing several parts will give you a lot of old hardware and junk parts, leaving you blank of what to do with those. Perhaps you could consider recycling, instead of the first idea of throwing or disposing them, why not use all of that junks to create something you can use or display that you can be proud of yourself doing it.

Steven Rodrig, the Inventive and Environmentally conscious artist behind these array of magnificent PCB Art creations, shows everyone how to create fashionable displays by reusing old circuit boards. His ideas are truly superb, creating fancy sneakers, shoes, city miniatures, book covers, as well as figures of insects, animals and plants. E-waste are totally awesome in making chic and jaw dropping works of art.

From his creations, although there are sneakers and stilettos, I bet you can't even use them as a normal shoes to walk and flaunt around. But considering them as displays or use them for exhibits, I'm sure you'll make a hype. Aside from the fact that you made a magnificent piece of art out of e-waste, you also save the environment by excluding those junks from getting dumped on the landfills, which as we all know it, it will surely take hundreds of years before it degrades. PCB nowadays are made of laminates, copper-clad, resin (B-stage cloth), and copper foil, which just like plastic materials, they'll stay longer on our planet before degrading. Thus, recycling only proves it's worth, and that we should really practice reusing all the materials that can still be use just like those recycled eco-friendly toner cartridges.


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