Choose what's best, it's just too easy to say yet kinda hard too do, especially if there's so much option in front of you. Once you determine what's more appropriate and suitable, it's either you'll start with the right one or you'll realize you just started using the wrong choice. But there's always a chance to make a switch.

The chance to switch for a better purpose is indeed fulfilling, and one thing we could change is our choice of what products to use. There are cheap merchandises in the market and there are also these expensive and branded products. Does it really mean that high-price means high-quality? For a wise consumer, quality shouldn't be compromised even if you're opting for lower priced products.

In our everyday printing, the inks or toners we used, are we really using the good choice? A typical printer cartridge is mainly made from petroleum-based materials. Indeed there are these bio-based printer consumables available, but they're not yet widely known, even their ecological impacts on the environment as well as to us.

Conventional printer ink and toner cartridges use pigments and other metal substances which may bring harmful effects when people get exposed to it. Also, these consumables are mainly made of non-renewable resources. Aside from the fact that they're not renewable, the cost and energy requirement to accumulate such substances and materials are extremely high.

Whereas bio-based printer cartridges, due to the shortage of oil products, they emerge and became an alternative printer consumable. It's also been said that vegetable-based inks can deliver much better performance over conventional inks, or even to soy-based ink products. In addition, the emission of Volatile Organic Compound has been greatly reduced.

Bio-based inks are also efficient for recycling process, although conventional ink cartridges can also be recycled, the latter requires more energy in the re-manufacturing process. But re-manufacturers should be mindful of the limit from which a typical cartridge can be reused, more likely it's about 4-5 times a cartridge can be recycled. From a consumers point of view, cost is something they really look in to, it's actually one of the reason why recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges are being supported ever since they emerged.

If you're running a business, consider these information and the option to make a switch to a better and greener printing practices, it's actually a great move. Benefits and advantages will come along the way if you tried switching to recycled printer cartridges and office supplies. Don't focus on how much you can save that's why you are switching, think of the environment and how you can save it as well as your health.



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