Monitoring the cost of printing can sometimes become a head-spinning task, not only because it's a bit troublesome to track the expenses, but also the figures you'll see after summing up all the cost. Let alone the personal printers, as the cost it takes to run a personal home printer is way cheaper than running an office printer. Even for small-type businesses that relies heavily on printing, they can accumulate thousands of cost in printing expenses just for a month alone.

What can we do to cut down our cost of printing? If there's a will there's a way right, so better think first that you eagerly want to reduce your expense, and you'll see solutions will pop up from nowhere. Actually, whether you are the boss or just an employee, there are ways from which your office can greatly benefit on reducing printer expenses.

First, in any case let them know that they're actually wasting or not utilizing properly their resources particularly the office supplies. Of-course try to explain the matter on them in a humane manner. Remember that you're trying to let them realize what bad habits should be put into an end, and what are the proper things that should be implemented. Paper materials, energy, as well as the inks/toners that are being consumed in the printing process must be conserve. Now after the preaching part, give emphasis on the benefits of leaning towards green printing practices.

Next, monitor your subordinates. All the explaining and preaching will be worthless if nobody absorbs it. Monitoring your employees behavior and practices is normal, that wouldn't be against any law. See if they really apply what you have told them previously, and that they're gradually improving on practicing green printing. Also, it would help if you try to limit the resources in the office storage rooms, so your employees would think of a way to fit in on what is available.

Another thing to consider is by setting your printer into Eco-mode, I'm not sure if every model of printer in market nowadays supports the said feature, probably there's a great number but not all. Setting your office printer into this mode will let you save toners and inks in the long run, thus cutting down the cost of printing.

Have you tried using alternatives? Compatible or remanufactured, whatever you call it, these are recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges from third party retailers. There's a common notion that people thought of recycled products are substandard, well they're wrong, over the recent years alternative cartridges have improved in terms of sales and demands. The quality of these eco-friendly printer cartridges are certainly of par with their counterparts, and that isn't surprising.

There are so many ways worth considering to reduce your office and printing expenses. Provided that you already know these solutions and tips, implementing and practicing them would be the essential part. But it's always never too late to change what you've been accustomed especially it will make things better.


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