Some people used to have collectible items, others are just making it a habit to keep something then eventually it became a collection. Whatever your collection may be, it can be a nifty hobby to collect valuable things and stuffs that define who you are. Our today's collection isn't something unusual to many, indeed these are just simple things to consider, but rarely given importance.

Actually this collection or rather list isn't new, you can find more of it by simply browsing the net, but I prefer to have my own list. PrintGreen promotes environment friendly resources, topics and ideas, hence our collection should relate to eco friendly stuffs as well. You can't always get to read a post about recycled products, while politics or some sort of it are very common elsewhere. Perhaps you could spare a moment of your time reading this shortlist.

Recycled Paper Materials
In its early times, recycled paper products are basically costly for a reason from which I'm not very particular. But let's live the past, nowadays such materials are of low prices and even better. Let's be thankful to the market competition, recycled paper materials became less expensive and more long lasting.

Recycled Pencils
If you think that recycling is just for papers, then what can you say with these recycled pencils which are made from reused materials? There were variations like pencils made from magazine materials, scrap woods, and other biodegradable components.

Recycled Ballpens
I kinda like this one, the Bottle-2-Pen ballpens from Pilot. They're not just made from recycled PET bottles or drinking bottles, they also have the same texture and grip similar to an actual water bottle. Aren't they look nice, unless you don't want to have a fancy and a bit bulky ball-pen to use for school.

Recycled Notebooks
Since there are recycled paper materials available, manufacturers tried producing notebooks and binders through such materials. They're practically more efficient, with covers that are really sturdy and customizable. Aside from notebooks, there are also notepads made from recycled materials. Actually, making your own recycled notebook is very much easy, just gather those old notes of yours and see if there are blank pages which can still be used. Remove the spring or the stitch, whatever binds it, then compile all the blank pages and stitch it back, and there you have it.

Recycled Printer Cartridges
Printing is a staple task, hence we should be mindful of our own practices. Using original cartridges may result to an extensive recurring expense, and one possible way to turn the tide is by opting for less costly printer consumables, and these are the so called recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges.



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