Do you have an idea how many trees have been cut over the year, in order to sustain the needs for paper materials and supplies? There's about more than 12 million tons of paper materials that are made from fresh pulps of trees are being used annually. 

Instead of burying tons of papers in the landfills,paper materials can be used in gardening. Using old newspapers or pages from your old notebooks you can use them as a bedding to your garden plot before you lay the soil, this will prevent any grass and weed from germinating, and it will decompose after about 16-18 months. 

Creating useful ways and different applications with the use of paper is certainly a creative and genius task. Developing products out of used matters rather than using new resources can create a good impact to the environment. Paper recycling helps in the preservation of trees and rainforests. It has been estimated that there are millions of species, plants, microorganisms that are living in the rainforests. 

Sooner or later, we'll run out of spaces to bury our own wastes and garbage, and sending them to landfills will no longer be useful, as right now they're actually getting fuller and fuller each year. There might be countries and continents that are practicing recycling and are implementing such rules about reusing materials and proper disposal of wastes, the figures from a recent study shows that the amount of wastes and garbage sent to the landfills still hits a great number. How are we suppose to gradually decrease all these wastes that we have made. 

Aside from practicing recycling, we should also give a chance to try products and goods that are made from recycled matters. The more we accept these goods the more manufacturers will create products that are recycled. A common connotation that most consumers would have thought of is that recycled products are substandard. Yes there might be, and they might also exist, products that are claiming recycled but fraud. As a consumer it's your responsibility to be careful and practical on what to purchase and use. You shouldn't blame the manufacturer that the product you purchase was actually low quality, it's actually your fault for not being careful of choosing what to purchase. 

There are recycled products, like the remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These products are made from original cartridges assuring the quality and performance of printing. But still, with these facts, you still need to be careful of choosing the right and trust worthy retailer. Don't be fooled of their advertisements and promos, offering great discounts, and once you tried their products later you'll realize that you just wasted your hard earned money. 

There's so many products and goods from the market that are beneficial for the environment, others would claim made of 100% recycled material, but you can't always be sure, so be wise. If you want to use environment friendly materials, like for example for your printer, you can use eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges to have an environment friendly printing, like what i always promote here at PrintGreen.   



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