Despite the aggression of typhoon in several countries around the world, the disastrous and tragic incidents of flooding that causes many lives to be buried, people are still unaware and not concern of the proper wastes disposal.

Improper management of waste and the bad habit of careless garbage disposal, is definitely a threat to everyone of us and also to the environment. The mentality of buying, consuming and then disposing is in contrary to a sustainable way of living. An eco friendly way of living embraces the environmental awareness and conservation, taking care of the natural resources and promotes recycling. Reducing wastes, segregating them to where they properly belong, reusing materials that can be use, composting them if possible, and recycle if necessary.

Ecological way of living will reduce the worlds growing amount of wastes from the landfills. An estimated value of 13 million tons of waste and garbage are yearly being dumped to these landfills. Let's put an end to the obsolete practice of dumping and burning of wastes, let's try to create a possible way on how we can stop or possibly close down the illegal dumpsites and landfills all over the world.

Cease yourself from purchasing and consuming disposables, those single-use materials, throw away stuffs and the likes. Opt for those materials that are reusable, such as cloth bags, use hand towels instead of tissues and so on. There are a lot of stuffs that you can use in place of those non reusable materials, like remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. You should have heard of printer manufacturing companies who accepts returned cartridges to undergo the process of printer cartridge recycling producing eco friendly toner cartridges.

Imagine if your country is merely producing 40,000 tons of waste daily. Of the 14,000,000 tons of waste produced annually, roughly about less 50% of it are the ones only collected and thrown into proper waste disposal facilities, of which only 10% are considered sanitary landfills, while the rest are open dumpsites.

If we wont stop our bad practice and put an end to our obsolete behaviors. Each time that typhoons and natural disasters strikes us, there would be no chance for us to avoid devastating incidents that may occur year after year.



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