Have you watched the movie animation entitled The Lorax? It's a terrific and engaging film that explains how we should stop from our wrong doings that greatly affect the environment, or else it will be too late for us to recover it. Actually before it became a motion picture, it was already published around the year of 1971 and is written by none other than Dr. Seuss. He might have a vision of the possible situation that our environment will suffer from today's generation, and so he does wrote the book.

The Lorax is just one of the nicest book and film that parents should invest for their kids, especially if they want to let their kids engaged to environmental responsibility. Unless we teach the next generation how to take care and protect our planet, stories like this can be never ending.

There's also this book entitled - The Adventures of Aluminum Can : A Story About Recycling by Allison Inches, that will certainly make your kids a recycling enthusiast. It is a story about an aluminum can that goes on a journey and exciting travels, until it finally reached a recycling plant where it found its new life as a baseball bat after being recycled. The plot was definitely suitable for kids, with adventures, humors and moral lessons that point out the ecological significance behind each product and resources.

As much as I wanted to enumerate all those nifty books, it'll take much time and of course pages on my blog that I might end up having a catalog. Kidding aside, I'll let you posted of more book titles and movies that will help your kids as well as everyone to become environmentally responsible and cherish the goodness of what the environment gives to us. For eBooks you can check out Apple Store or Google Play for downloadable free versions. While for printable versions, I'll browse the net for some free copies and will update you guys through this post, so you wont have to spend time and money looking all around the bookstores for a copy. Always make sure your printer is good and ready for a batch of prints to avoid any delays and downtime. Also, practice green printing with your family by using recycled toner cartridges and ink cartridges to your printer, so Dr. Seuss wouldn't chase you for your wrong doings.



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