Eco-Friendly PC IAmEco
Imagine you own a personal computer that emits a carbon footprint of 70 percent less than the common computers around. For eco friendly minded PC users, this could be a great wonder, especially for PrintGreen. Computer nowadays are engineered with non renewable materials, components that can't be decomposed and are difficult to recycle. Top it up with their huge power consumption, causing more carbon footprints to released.

A Company in Ireland the MicroPro, collaborated with Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and MicroIntegration IZM located in Berlin, to engineer and wooden-frame computer focusing to reduce a computer's environmental impacts. Introducing the first of its class, and one of a kind computer the "IAMECO" ( I-Am-Eco ), awarded by the European Union for EU Ecolabel . The eco friendly, environmental inspired, touch screen Personal Computer IAmEco, is indeed out of the ordinary. It has a very low energy consumption, with 70% less carbon footprint as compared to a typical PC nowadays, and it's made out of wood. About 98% of all the materials and components used in constructing this awesome wooden-frame computer can be recycled.

A typical PC requires fans for cooling to avoid overheat, but the IAmEco being an extra ordinary, needs no fans at all, heatsinks provide the ventilation and replaces the role of fans. These heatsinks contain heat pipes that convey the heat from the processor via copper tubes. In terms of energy efficiency, since fans are out of the design, less power consumption is attained, plus LEDs illuminate the screen of this PC which improves the energy efficiency by up to 40%.

The IAmEco was also designed for a more improved dissasembly process, whenever it crash or users encounter a problem with the unit. Which brings more ease for the user to repair and maintain this unit for longer period of time. Users wouldn't have to worry of how they will get rid of their unit if in case it reaches its life span limit. Improve and efficient power consumption, eco friendly and exquisitely design structure, wooden-frame and less audible, what more can a personal computer savvy could ask for.

To top it up, you can use eco friendly printers with this eco-PC, to have a more environment friendly experience with this cool technology. There are printer consumables that are made for the betterment of our environment, like eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These recycled printer consumables are made from empty original cartridges returned by users, thus creating remanufactured toner cartridges which are more environment friendly.


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