It's kind of a bit late to feature this printer since it was actually announced last year. But according to a release, it was scheduled to hit the market by February 2013, so still we're not too late. Since it is committed to promoting environment friendly printing, I'll give the spotlight of my today's post for Toshiba's e-STUDIO 306LP MFP printer.

The e-STUDIO 306LP MFP printer is accompanied with e-STUDIO RD30, which will do the magic of erasing the prints in the printed material. Toshiba came out with a special type of toner that can be erased through the use of the e-STUDIO RD30. Passing the printed material through the RD30 will remove the text, images, graphics and etc., at a high temperature.

Additionally, aside from its magic trick to erase toner prints, the RD30 has also the functionality to sort paper materials as to which are reusable and non-reusable sheets. It also feature an Eco-friendly aesthetics suitable for offices and similar working environments.

Designed with practical and efficient business-oriented functionality and features, the e-STUDIO 306LP provides a business printing solution that works with a new style. It can effectively encourage its users and all the other employees from the office to reuse paper materials particularly the ones they used mainly for printing purposes. Through the Intelligent Green MFP Technology, plus the built-in erasing system, users can refill the printer's paper tray for more than five times using the same paper materials. These wonderful features can greatly reduce their office's paper and printing cost by nearly one-fifth less of their current expense.

Well since I've heard that the e-STUDIO 306LP MFP will first invade Japan, therefore rolling it out worldwide is not yet confirmed. For those who just want to stick with their conventional printers, to go GREEN they can switch to using eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges to contribute to sustainable development. There are ways and options that any office or business can try for their printing needs, that aside from cutting down their printing expense, their company also contribute on diminishing the ecological impacts of using high-priced printer consumables.


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