Along with the holy week season, PrintGreen will be dedicating a post for this special occasion. Although not everyone may be commemorating the week of the Lord's Passion, and it's actually not complaisant, I would still like to commit.

Still related to the print industry, let's start our story. Giving credits to our post's main cast, the great Johan Gutenberg, a German goldsmith who first invented and introduced the printing press to Europe. He started the Printing Revolution around the year of 1439, mostly in European countries. His invention played much essence not only in the modern period, it also brought the emergence of none-hand-written books for the masses.

Here's a great historical fact with regards to his invention. The first ever book that was printed using printing press was none other than, the Holy Bible. It was at the same year, around 1450, when Gutenberg was given credit for his invention, when the first batch of the book of the Holy Bible was completed. According to historians, there were about 230 printed copies from which 30 of those were printed on animal skins, while the rest were printed on paper made from rag cotton pulp.

From then on, printing technology spread from Mainz Germany to all the cities in Europe, and all throughout the world. Although such devices before were totally big and bulky, compared to our modern day laser printers and inkjet printers, it is undoubtedly a remarkable start of the printing technology.

Talking about our today's printers, we got tough, elegant-looking, multifunctional laser and ink type printers, but none of them makes a remarkably peculiar mark in the history. Maybe I have never heard of it, if there's any. But using our high-end printer equipments today, we can make a phenomenal printed version of the Holy Bible, considering the wide selection of cartridges available in the market. We can also use eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges together with recycled paper materials, and covered it with dried animal skins perhaps. That sounds like a new generation of Johan Gutenberg's Holy Bible book.



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