According to a news last month, Xerox and BT (British Telecom) had a partnership which aims to reduce the firm's carbon footprint, as well as to cut the local authority's print services by up to 30%.

Amanda Abernethy, director and general manager in global document outsourcing at Xerox UK, said: 
"Working in partnership with BT, we will focus on streamlining the council's print environment to meet its cost-saving targets and environmental agenda, so Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council can focus on its business of improving and transforming frontline services for citizens."
The five-year managed print service agreement will provide the firm with all the necessary information and flaws of their print environment. Hence they will be able to determine how much wastage they're practically accumulating and how inefficient their printing process was previously. Through monitoring and proper implementations, both parties assumed to eliminate poor processes with regards to printing.

In five years, both British Telecom and Xerox will work as one to strategize a fully enhance print management system suitable to help the firm reach their goal particularly to eliminate extra expenses, reduce costs, and increase productivity and efficiency.

According to the news, the agreement includes an action to replace about 1,500 printers with only 150 units of MFP (multifunction printers) that supports energy-saving features.There's also this high-end way of printing which will be implemented, allowing staffs to send a print job to a supported printer from any floor of the company building. A receiving staff will be able to release the print job by swiping a unique identification card specifically provided for such purposes. Through this great innovation, employees and staffs will learn to practice responsible printing, eradicating excessive printing of unnecessary files, which in effect will also reduce waste and cost.

A new printing environment in a company may tend to create a buzz around, but if it's for the company's own benefits there's no reason to hold back. Xerox, aside from providing quality printing equipments, copiers, MFP, as well as consumables such as Xerox toner cartridges and ink cartridges, not to mention their solid ink products for certain printers. It is also a worldwide recognized market leader in managed print services. In fact, Xerox was part of the Leaders Quadrant in the Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services Worldwide.

If you want to start with small steps, since getting a managed print service is certainly a hefty decision, you can at least consider the use of green printing software or switch to remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges with your machines. Remember that a goal can also be reached even with small steps.


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