Eco Friendly Activity
Have you read the article PrintGreen posted recently? It's about opening the awareness of kids and also of the young at heart, about the goodness of recycling. By letting them participate in a fun learning activity, children effectively nourishes their senses and awareness with hands on activities. For today, we'll be making another recycling related project for children of all ages, to help them realize how fun recycling can be.

Paper materials will be our main focus for this activity. Since a huge percentage of waste from the landfills are composed of paper materials, though papers can be decomposed, it's still important to let them know the idea that papers are made from the trees pulp, and producing paper material only means cutting down of trees. Let them picture out a world without any trees to climb up or provide shed under the sun, or filter the toxic from the air we breath.

For this activity, we'll needing paper materials, but of course stuffs that are used like;
  • paper tubes from tissue papers
  • paper plate, used paper box
  • coloring materials and pen
  • scissors and water based glue for kids.
Explain the theme of our activity, then have some briefing of what they'll be doing. Now what they're going to do is a colorful table center piece. Using the paper materials they have gathered, provide an example of what a table center piece might look like. For sure some of them knows it well and actually have already got an idea of the designs and things to do. For example, a paper box can be punched holed, colored and glued with paper cut designs, creating a candle box holder. There are so many designs and art works that kids can do with those paper materials, but always monitor them and have the adults do the cutting if necessary to avoid any injuries.

You may also used the shredded pieces of paper that are used from printing, the kids can use it to create a beautiful mesh, a bush or an ornament for their recycled paper center piece. Who would have thought that paper recycling can be this fun, especially for kids. Even the adults can join with this activity and have fun with their little kids creating an environment friendly project. These will also remind the adults to lessen the use of papers from their printing, to minimize the number of trees that are cut down in order to provide new paper materials. You can also help save our environment by using recycled products, like the eco-friendly toner cartridges for your printers. Minimizing the used of papers from printing and using remanufactured toner cartridges can create a great impact from saving the environment.

There are things in life that are easier to be said than done. A few might think of protecting and preserving the environment can be a very difficult task. Well in fact, there are simple things that you can do to contribute on saving the environment. How are you suppose to save something or preserve it, if in the first place you're doing nothing. People always have the attitude of saying, it's hard and i can't even make it, i can't do that, it's too difficult for me, where actually they haven't even tried doing it.

But look at those who have tried and succeed from doing something out of their creative imagination, and of course with the concern for the environment in their mind. They made a difference, and they still are making a difference not only for their own good but also for the sake of our environment. These people are those who have known what recycling and reusing can give back to them and it can give more.

Just try to think of those environment concern manufacturers, who are producing goods, products and services that are earth friendly, and contributes for the betterment of the environment. They improved materials that are treated as wastes for other people, they got an idea on how to create a useful stuff from those worn out and used materials. And so they develop environment friendly products for all the market consumers who are looking for alternatives and cost-effective solutions to their daily mounting expenses.

An example of these are the remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These printer cartridges are occupying a huge percentage of space from our landfills. To think that they can be recycled or reuse is a great idea and creates an extremely big impact to the environment. Thus conserving the natural resources needed for the production of new products, and creating a source of alternative eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges for the market consumers.

You see, there might be a couple of things that are easily said than done, but still we must believe that there's never a difficult task for someone who has the will and confidence of doing what he/she wants.

For a typical printer user, you must be used to instances where you printer runs out of ink. And no matter how you try to estimate the number of pages printed over the amount of ink, the figures still varies. What you often do is purchase and purchase another batch of replacement cartridges for your printer. Though it may not be a daily occurring expense, just like refilling the gas tank of your cars, if you'll pile up the expense from the recurring expenses of your printer, there you'll see the amount you have invested over the time. 

Then you'll realize how much worth you have spent from purchasing replacement cartridges. You'll imagine every bucks and penny you have been throwing every time you disposed of a piece of printer cartridge. Maybe you would have been wondering by now what could be a good way for you to save money instead of wasting it. 

The solution is very simple,recycling. Your printer toner and ink cartridges can be recycled, by your respective manufacturer, by some professionals and experts who have doing cartridge recycling for quite a long time, and even you can do it. If you're knowledgeable of the process of cartridge recycling, then send them back to your manufacturers, assuming that they accept used and empty cartridges for recycling to manufacture eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

Why would you recycle, this could be the question for you. Well, first you want to be environmentally responsible. Second, you want to have alternative products that are way cheaper but not comprising the quality just like these remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. Third, you want to reduce and lessen the needs for natural resources that are used for the production of new goods. These reasons are all beneficial for the environment as well as to you and everyone else in the community.

Actually you don't really need to have a lot of reasons for you to do recycling. For PrintGreen one good reason is enough, and weighs more  than any other reason. And that's simply to help save the environment. For now there's only one planet where we can live, and to help save it cost more than any other reason that one can give.

Since a lot of businesses and companies as well as professionals uses printer and has been part of their daily life, then why not participate in recycling. Everyone can recycle, even the young ones if given a proper tutorial they'll learn how to do the right process of recycling. It's good to let them realize and open up their mind to the benefits of reusing materials instead of wasting them. Have you heard of the sayings "there's cash in the trash" or "where there's trash, there's cash"?

There are companies and organizations that literally pays their customers every time they return their used products. Like for example, printer cartridges once used or emptied can be sent back to their manufacturers in order to produce remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. And what's good about returning your old stuff is that you also earn cash. If you don't have a cartridge to return, then try the other materials that surrounds you, those stuffs that are left in your stockrooms, might as well have some garage sale with those, and you'll be amazed of the money you'll get back from those stuffs you treat as trash. 

Printer cartridges as we all know are made of plastic materials which are non-biodegradable, so as to utilize the use of these materials recycling is the only better option in order to reuse these containers. Do you know that material recycling has been a good source of funds for charities and welfare societies? It's true that there is cash on trash. Cartridge recycling can greatly contribute to the environment, by creating eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges, consumers get the advantage of purchasing cost-effective alternatives which helps them save money and preserving the environment at the same time.

Recycling can give profitable solutions to anyone who has the will to help save the environment. There are millions of materials and other stuffs around the world that are reusable, self initiative as well as creativity with the environment in mind can become your basis to create recycled materials that will soon standout among any other branded materials.

Do you have an idea how many trees have been cut over the year, in order to sustain the needs for paper materials and supplies? There's about more than 12 million tons of paper materials that are made from fresh pulps of trees are being used annually. 

Instead of burying tons of papers in the landfills,paper materials can be used in gardening. Using old newspapers or pages from your old notebooks you can use them as a bedding to your garden plot before you lay the soil, this will prevent any grass and weed from germinating, and it will decompose after about 16-18 months. 

Creating useful ways and different applications with the use of paper is certainly a creative and genius task. Developing products out of used matters rather than using new resources can create a good impact to the environment. Paper recycling helps in the preservation of trees and rainforests. It has been estimated that there are millions of species, plants, microorganisms that are living in the rainforests. 

Sooner or later, we'll run out of spaces to bury our own wastes and garbage, and sending them to landfills will no longer be useful, as right now they're actually getting fuller and fuller each year. There might be countries and continents that are practicing recycling and are implementing such rules about reusing materials and proper disposal of wastes, the figures from a recent study shows that the amount of wastes and garbage sent to the landfills still hits a great number. How are we suppose to gradually decrease all these wastes that we have made. 

Aside from practicing recycling, we should also give a chance to try products and goods that are made from recycled matters. The more we accept these goods the more manufacturers will create products that are recycled. A common connotation that most consumers would have thought of is that recycled products are substandard. Yes there might be, and they might also exist, products that are claiming recycled but fraud. As a consumer it's your responsibility to be careful and practical on what to purchase and use. You shouldn't blame the manufacturer that the product you purchase was actually low quality, it's actually your fault for not being careful of choosing what to purchase. 

There are recycled products, like the remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These products are made from original cartridges assuring the quality and performance of printing. But still, with these facts, you still need to be careful of choosing the right and trust worthy retailer. Don't be fooled of their advertisements and promos, offering great discounts, and once you tried their products later you'll realize that you just wasted your hard earned money. 

There's so many products and goods from the market that are beneficial for the environment, others would claim made of 100% recycled material, but you can't always be sure, so be wise. If you want to use environment friendly materials, like for example for your printer, you can use eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges to have an environment friendly printing, like what i always promote here at PrintGreen.   

Motivation helps to influence the people that surrounds you. By motivating people for whatever purpose, you're pushing them towards their goal and letting them achieve what they want. This should be applied in promoting recycling. By motivating people in the community to go green, and telling them the benefits and advantages of being environmentally aware, through this way people will realize the real worth of recycling. 

By embracing the facts and benefits of what recycling can offer to everyone, it would greatly create a good impact to the environment. There are businesses and workplaces who practice and implement recycling to their employees and to themselves. Activities and fun learning projects that are related to recycling helps students and young individuals to be exposed to the real world of recycling. They became aware of every little thing and possibilities that recycling can bring to them. 

More and more companies are now recycling their products not only to become environmentally cautious but also to provide their customers some alternatives and less expensive products that their company also had manufactured. By reusing materials and components that can still be useful to some other ways, is like preserving and conserving all the natural resources that are needed for the production of new goods. Admit it or not the supply to all non renewable minerals and natural resources are now diminishing. And what else can we do to protect the environment, but to recycle.

There are companies and organizations who are developing plantations for remanufacturing their own goods and products. One example of these are the printer cartridges, these ink and toner containers are very demanding due to the number of professionals and businesses who are using printers in their offices, companies and households. They get to realize the global impact of their products to the environment, and so they decided to accept empty or used printer cartridges to undergo recycling. There started the beginning of manufacturing eco friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges.

Imagine every piece of it getting dumped in the trash bins daily, then down to our landfills. Occupying lengthy of spaces and hectares of lands that can be more beneficial if it had been used as a land to establish a community, but instead it became a piece of land where waste materials are dumped. It's a good approach to create remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges where both consumers and manufacturers win in the situation. 

More than a hundred of ways and ideas can be implemented not only to every businesses and companies who are manufacturing goods, but also to every individual who lives on earth. 

Print Green
As much as possible i always try to make sure that every thing i do from the great things down to the smallest, can never be harmful to the environment and instead it could possibly contribute to its preservation. There are hundreds of ways to which you can apply recycling, instead of throwing away things and stuffs that can still be useful to some other ways.

Mandatory recycling is already applied in several cities Philadelphia, San Diego, County of Honolulu and so on. All city households are instructed to have garbage bins, and recycling of different kinds of useful materials is strictly required to most businesses and agencies. A lot of cities nowadays are encouraging their community to recycle materials as much as they can. This adopted rules and policies about mandatory recycling is definitely for the betterment and could help improve their cities.

We have to be aware of what are these materials that can be recycled, actually we don't just need to be aware, we also need to be creative. With the creativity in mind and the concern for the environment, we can all think of various better ways to create useful products and stuffs that could be beneficial for the environment.

Have you heard of the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure" ? Those things that you throw and those old stuffs that you burn, you don't even know it could be useful for your neighbor, or an art project for your little sister. Let's use the printer cartridges as an example material, these cartridges are mainly made of plastics, and plastics are good insulators right, so instead of just letting them end up on incinerators why don't you think of a another way to use it.

If you can't be imaginative, then send them back to your respective manufacturer, they know the right thing to do. There are some printer manufacturing companies that accepts returning of empty or used printer ink and toner cartridges. They're recycling these returned printer cartridges to create new ones for your printers. These remanufactured toner cartridges are way cheaper, much cost-effective and tot op it all they're all environment friendly.

There are more materials and things out there that you can apply recycling, and these eco-friendly toner cartridges are just one of the examples. We just have to be concern to our environment so we can be able to create a better community towards a green and healthier living.

100% Made Of Recycled Materials
To use the term "recycled" to your businesses or products can't simply be through words or advertisements. There are a lot of manufacturing companies who are promoting their products by claiming they used recycled materials, remanufactured components and stuffs like that. But if you'll try to inspect thoroughly their products, only then you'' know the truth, that only about 20 to 40% of the total materials used from manufacturing their goods are made from recycled materials.

Promoting a particular product through whatever method you choose can have no issue, but to tell your consumers that your products are made from Recycled Materials, you could only say that if those products you are promoting are totally 100% made of recycled materials. If you only used 50% of recycled materials and the other half comes from the raw materials, then you should have said "made of 50% Recycled Materials" instead. 

Like for example, a consumer would only want to use paper materials for printing purposes that are hundred percent recycled, and it happens that from a book store there are several packs of papers that includes Made Of Recycled Materials in their packaging. How are these consumers be confident that what they purchased was really made of recycled fibers. We don't have any issue about how many percent of your product is recycled, but isn't it like cheating to your customers by claiming that you used recycled materials when actually the truth is not.

There are few products like remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges that are 100% made of recycled components that comes from empty and used original cartridges. These printer cartridges are the very essential part of your printer, and using eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges can help to extend the life of your printer. Since these cartridges are genuinely made of recycled materials, they have the right to use and proudly include the words Made Of Recycled Materials in the packagings and shipment of their products.

Promoting products that are environment friendly can be simple and easy only if you do the proper way of business advertising and never would have cheat to your customers and potential market consumers.

Where does your waste, worn out materials and some old stuffs end up? Are they now part of those mountainous garbage piling up on every landfills? If all your answers are yes then you should start realizing the consequences of your actions. 

Every year, millions of wastes are being dumped on landfills or just incinerated, causing much problem to the environment and to all of us. Estimating the amount of garbage accumulated per year of a particular country, that would be like 60 pieces of wastes are being thrown away every second. And every year, there's a 15% increase in the annual estimated count of wastes and garbage.

In the North West areas, million litters of natural gas and petroleum are being consumed in the manufacturing process of producing printer cartridges. The composition of these products mainly composed of plastic materials, and we all know that materials made from petrochemicals take hundreds of years to decompose. Yet still, consumers of these products don't realize this matter and end up throwing away their empty printer cartridges once used.

To become an environmentally responsible company some of the well known printer manufacturing companies like HP developed a program on which customers and printer cartridges consumers can return their used cartridges. Returned cartridges are disassembled and refurbished through recycling to create eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges are less expensive compared to new cartridges that are made from raw materials. 

Through recycling we reduce the need for raw materials thus conserving our natural resources. It doesn't only reduce the consumption of raw materials and minerals that even though they're renewable there are still instances where it might be insufficient to sustain the demand of every companies and individuals. That's why recycling must be promoted through whatever means. 

If we can't stop the inclining volumes of garbage and wastes that are not properly utilize and improperly disposed of, then we should learn to accept the consequences of our actions. 

Sustainability becomes an essential term when we talk about achieving an eco friendly community, or the earth as a whole. This term has already evolved into numerous definitions and concepts along with the environment. It has also been associated to business operations and economic growth.

To be able to stay on a business, sustainability is a very crucial part. How will you be able to support the increasing demands of your regular consumers? Keeping up is an important aspect of a business, cause if you can't even maintain and improve your production your business might as well will go down consequently. 

One way to keep up or be sustainable enough is through recycling. Recycling or remanufacturing products and consumables may not be easy, but still can give you enough resources that will keep you up and maintain the growth of your business. Recycling is also another way to help the environment by conserving natural resources that are being used for the production of goods, products and services. 

Consider that you're products can be recycled or remanufactured, the materials used should still meet the standards of recycling. The raw materials that will be use for the manufacturing process should be extremely inspected to determine if these materials can withstand recycling or at least can be recycled. Recycling your products can be beneficial not just for your company but also to your valuable consumers, by providing cheaper and cost effective products.

An example of recycled products are the remanufactured toner cartridges and ink cartridges. These eco-friendly toner cartridges and ink cartridges are considered as great alternatives for original printer cartridges that are too expensive and only few consumers can afford to purchase and regularly use. And to make it more environment friendly, there are also paper materials and supplies that are recycled which you can use together with your nature friendly toner and ink cartridges whenever you are printing files and documents.

The foundation of a sustainable business and production relies on the raw materials, commodities and resources that you use. Practicing sustainability in both business management and production, promotes a better eco friendly living.



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